Our world is full of social issues still, there is an immense amount of unused human resources. Lots of NGOs and social enterprises aim to overcome these problems, but they are often lack of the necessary know-hows. There are so many motivated university students who are willing to give insightful knowledge. Globono can connect these people and encourage more students to get involved in current social issues.

As its name indicates, Globono is meant to be global. Which means that our aim is to continuously widen our professional network, and increase the number of the participant organizations and individuals, in order to achieve as high impact as they can all over the world, through our activity.

However Globono is rather a frame than a strict set of rules for local offices. As a quite new initiative we are open for any recommendation. It is far more than pure execution, so even You, individually can have a huge influence on Globono's future! We truly believe that local people can give the best alternative solutions for the challenges of the social sector.


Our vision is a world where social needs meet social responsibility and youngsters can leave the university with some work experience. Moreover, they will have a strong relationship with the civil society and look for the opportunity to get involved in it. Therefore they can contribute to the creation and function of a strong civil society.


Our mission is to create a strong base for an international organization which tackels social problems as a complex issue through involving a wide variety of ambitious and motivated students.


Social responsibility




In Globono we tackle social issues in a complex way, therefore we would like to support their solution in four different ways. The four branches of Globono will be developed first in Budapest, Hungary during the upcoming 2 years. During this period we will continuously work on the international implementation of our association.


The main aim of Globono Consulting is to provide professional assistance for NGOs and social enterpreneurships on the field of strategic planning, marketing or communication.


The Globono Research serves mainly as a foundation for the other three segment, by providing social analysises on the field of economy, sociology or using other social science methods.

Social Enterpreneurship

The purpose of this branch is to promote social enterpreneurships among university students through organizing lectures, workshops and incubation programs.

Impact investment

Our long-term goal is to create Globono Investment, which should promote the new, socially beneficial form of the investments and support the financing of the newly founded social enterpreneurships.

Our partners


If you would like to support the work of Globono or want to cooperate with our team, do not hesitate to contact us!