As its name indicates, Globono is meant to be global. Which means that our aim is to continuously widen our professional network, and increase the number of the participant organizations and Individuals, in order to achieve as high impact as they can all over the world, through our activity.

We would like to involve all the people who are open minded, motivated and interested enough to get involved in the work of Globono. Many non-profit organizations and social enterprises all over the world do not have the necessary amount of means or know-hows which would be inevitable to enhance their efficiency. That is why Globono was created. We would like to get connected with all those associations, who are ready to cooperate with our team in order to create added value in the social sector, no matter on which part of the globe they are based. The opportunity is open for everyone, and we can only hope that in the end, the network and know-hows of Globono can be widespread throughout the world.

However Globono is rather a frame than a strict set of rules for local offices. As a quite new initiative we are open for any recommendation. It is far more than pure execution, so even You, individually can have a huge influence on Globono's future! In addition, new recommendations are not only more than welcomed, but highly encouraged as we are all aware of the diversity of local circumstances. That is why we truly believe that local people can give the best alternative solutions for the challenges of the social sector. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why national groups should tailor Globono’s activity to the local surrounding - without neglecting the global vision and mission of Globono.

Globono is more than a simple social business organization. Our aim is to create a wide range of international projects, through which all the participants can subsist the highest level of cross cultural experience. This will be a great opportunity for all parties to improve different professional and soft skills in a multinational environment.

Globono is definitely a bridge. But it is not only a bridge between consultant experts, university students and social enterprises. It goes far beyond that, as it is also a bridge between countries and continents. Through its worldwide activity, Globono’s future vision is to create added value and have a huge - and long-term - positive impact on the social sector all over the world.